Vision and development


With the growth of revenue from 20-40% a year, Your striving to 2020 will become a private company placed in the Top 100 largest packaging enterprises in Vietnam.Diversified activities in the field throughout the country and reaching out to the world, in which the production of packaging to keep dominant role.Promote investment in building the factory complex thin film packaging, guarantee the quality of products meet all the needs for: food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, laundry detergent ... Actively cooperate to transfer advanced technology, improve the production capacity of plastic packaging products serving the senior population.Packing & TRADING co., Ltd was established from Fortune in 2012, located in An Thới Đông, District 12.Located in key economic areas, with convenient traffic advantages, competitive network environment from inception to date the company has not stopped the effort and the fight with the top criteria "SATISFY customers".






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